Newly bought records!

I took time off from work today and went to Cubao to have my teeth x-rayed. Since I was pretty near Cubao X where The Four Strings is located, I decided to pay the shop a visit. I’ve been meaning to go to the place–they sell local indie bands’ records. For people who can’t go to gigs regularly like me, getting albums is made easier through The Four Strings. It’s mainly a ukelele shop, but they also sell other stuff–I remember seeing dream catchers, coffee, and Manic Panic hair dye. I initially went there to get Loop’s Flirting the Universe LP, but the guy at the store told me that the last copy was bought yesterday! But there’s no reason to fret, as I bought these equally awesome records:

IMG_1403 copy

That’s Prelude by Honeydrop, and indie rock band that hails from Cebu, on the left and Caprice by Ivan Theory on the right. Ivan Theory broke the news of their disbandment just a few weeks ago, but I’m psyched to listen to their record nonetheless.

I had a very brief Q&A with the guy from the store and learned that the handcrafted ukeleles being sold are made from acacia, narra, and lauan wood, to name a few. The prices range from Php 2,500 to Php 7,000. I left the store saying “Pag-iipunan ko muna” (can’t wait to get my hands on my own ukelele). 🙂

For more info, check out The Four String’s Facebook page here.