Friday Fave: Peppermint Mocha by Loop

I swear to make Friday Fave a weekly thing again.

I was cleaning up my iTunes library a month ago and I stumbled upon LOVE FOOL: A Vandals On The Wall Mixtape, released February of last year. I listened to it again and found myself listening to tracks that I took for granted when I got the mixtape last year.

One of those tracks is “Peppermint Mocha” by Iligan-based band Loop.

It now has the highest number of plays in my library.

There’s a lot to like in this song, like vocalist Kim Trinidad’s effortless croon and the lyrics that hit you with the memory of longing for someone, particularly your high school/college crush. *cue the “Yihee!” from the back of the classroom*  I hear this song as a soundtrack to a romantic movie, especially when the lead guitar takes the spotlight at the 2:00 mark that results to the dreamy mood (side note: shit, I really need to get schooled in guitar effects), as dreamy as person this song is most probably directed to. I hear it as I see the couple hold hands in my head.

Other reviews of this songs might have described this as smooth as its eponymous drink, but I can’t help but repeat what they have said–it just is. Swabe and sweet, even as the vocals reach the higher notes towards the end.

I’ve yet to hear other songs by Loop, and I’m on the lookout for stores that sell their album here in Manila (EDIT: Looks like I’ll be heading to The Four Strings soon!). It’s pretty great that we’re moving our attention to regions outside Metro Manila for good indie music. It’s about darn time we shine the light on them, and thank heavens for the internet for making this possible.

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