Supremo by Xi Zuq, illustrated by Al Estrella

Supremo by Xi Zuq, illustrated by Al Estrella | 2014, Adarna House Inc. (book cover from

I’m really glad to say that Philippine children’s lit is thriving, and Supremo is a testament to this. The story is about a grade schooler’s journey in running for the highest position in his school’s student council (I couldn’t help but be reminded of my own experiences in running for the student council). Moreover, the book pays tribute to one of the country’s rather underestimated heroes, Andres Bonifacio. Currently, Bonifacio is gaining more attention, and I’d like to think that Zuq’s Supremo is helping in realizing proper recognition of Bonifacio.

The book is great for children because it teaches the values of confidence, courage, and friendship. The story is nary a problem, of course–the protagonist, Andro, has a very powerful opponent, is running independently (though he has his bespren Miyo as his campaign manager), and isn’t a popular as the other kids to begin with. Plus, Andro is not as healthy as the other children–he has a weak heart. Though weak, his heart is big. He is set on running for Supremo, the student council’s highest position, in order to help others. Miyo and Andro are quite endearing. The book is also illustrated by Al Estrella, and the illustrations are charming.

The last time I read books for children was around two years ago, when I took a class on children’s lit. Supremo is the first children’s book I’ve read in a while, and I’m really satisfied with it.

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