Updates, in Bullet Points

  • First things first–Happy New Year! And before you know it, 2015 will be over. I guarantee it.
  • I read my first post again and I am utterly embarrassed for not staying true to my own word. I actually have no legitimate excuse–it’s just plain and simple laziness. I’m so sorry, Lea from 2014.
  • And since I’m going through the cliche New Year motions, I’ve changed my blog name and blog address. It is now A Very Nice Mess. I want to start afresh, and I think that a new name (and a new theme) will help.
  • I am also planning to create another blog that will house my reviews for books, music, and film and it shall be called… booksmusicfilm, unless someone beats me to it. Yes, I’m creative. Very. (EDIT: I’ve decided to publish all my stuff here! Check out the menu above!)
  • And finally, here is a photo of me and my dog Nacho goofing around.

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