Hi! Lots of things happened during the past few months (90% work-related, LOL), and I’m really thankful now that I have at least a bit of time to write. Anyway, I went to an introductory workshop on calligraphy last week!

I initially had the idea of going to a La Bella Scrittura workshop but my friend Yanna invited me to go to another workshop, led by Alessandra Lanot of I’ve heard about Alessa lots of times before through my sister who has gone to her workshops as well. Last September, my sister tagged me along to Alessa’s Temporary Watercolor Tattoo Party at Pino Jupiter.

I can’t recall when and how I got so interested in calligraphy, but it has always amazed, and well, frustrated me. Art always frustrates me, anyway. So a few days after Yanna texted me that I join her, I signed myself up for Alessa’s workshop.

The workshop was held at Pipino Malingap last October 11, from 2 to 5 in the afternoon. We had lunch with a few friends from college before going there. BTW, this was the day when the Quezon City Food Festival was held.

The kit includes a practice guide, two nib holders (one is wooden, the other is oblique), two nibs (a G nib and a mapping nib–the latter is smaller), and a bottle of Dr. Ph. Martin’s ink (I got a blue one), plus a pencil and an eraser. The paper used for the practice guide was 100 GSM, the optimal paper quality for calligraphy. Apparently, Moleskine paper sucks for calligraphy, so… goodbye, Moleskine. JUST KIDDING.

DSCF1161 copy

Alessa gave a lecture on the basics of calligraphy: the kinds of calligraphy, the parts of the nib, and tips on creating a style, among others. It was then followed with movement drills and exercises on letters. The thick parts of the strokes are made by applying pressure to the nib, and can only be done with downward strokes. Learning how the technique is done was really cool.

DSCF1162 copy

DSCF1170 copy

We were also fed that afternoon with food from Pipino. Pipino is actually a restaurant that serves vegan/vegetarian food, and everything was awesome. I’m not the biggest fan of gulay, but I found myself wolfing down the food, especially the cauliflower fritters with vegan mayo! We were served the Wicked Walnut Salad and Puttanesca as well.

DSCF1164 copy DSCF1169 copy DSCF1173 copy

During the last hour of workshop, Alessa told us to write down our favorite words or quotes using our newfound knowledge on calligraphy. I was torn between writing something walang ka-class-class

DSCF1183 copy

and something really serious. I ended up choosing the latter. (I’M AN ADULT!)

DSCF1198 copy

But the thing is, I GOT THE QUOTE ALL WRONG. I MISSED THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD. *facepalm* Yup, that’s from “Bonsai” by Edith Tiempo. I know, I’m so pretentious. Ugh.

Alessa put up our works on the wall and gave us “Like” button to place under the works we like best. Jasmine, an BFA ID major from Ateneo won!

DSCF1190 copy DSCF1200 copy

And here are me and my classmates! Your eyes are not deceiving you–we had a fab lola for a classmate at the workshop!

DSCF1201 copy

I’m really glad I signed up for this workshop! It gives me something to do when not reading or watching films or being a lazy-ass bum, hehe. I’ve actually brought my brush pens and calligraphy pens to work, so when I arrive early in the office, I do a little bit of practice.

Here’s Yanna, Alessa, and me.
DSCF1204 copy
Yanna and I got inspired so much that we are starting a calligraphy project, so watch out for that!


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