Songs for Mary on

This playlist is not exactly freshly made–a friend from my university org, Mary, asked me to make her a mixtape, so to speak. I sent the songs to her a month ago, but she had trouble getting it. Hence, I decided to upload it on instead. I made a quick album cover for it as well.

Songs for Mary features 10 sunshine-y tracks for an equally sunshine-y girl. From the short time I’ve spent with her in college (I was working on my thesis when she was applying for my org, so we didn’t see each other a lot), Mary has always been so friendly and optimistic about many things. 🙂

Listen to it here:


Matt and Kim – Daylight

Haim – Falling

Best Coast – Crazy for You

Alphabeat – Fascination

Passion Pit – Carried Away

Takka Takka – Fever

Ourselves the Elves – Outer Speys

Amos Lee – Sweet Pea

Kimya Dawson – So Nice So Smart

Zee Avi – Bitter Heart


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