This Bacon & Egg Nest Tastes So Good, I’d Dedicate a Love Song to It

It was my birthday last Sunday! And what better way to celebrate my birthday than eating bacon?

My sister decided to treat me and my other siblings to lunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club in BGC. It’s an all-day breakfast place–meaning you can have, as their tagline goes, “Beautiful breakfast. Morning. Noon. Night.” Ron Swanson will surely beam with pride, because all-day breakfast places are sweeping through the metro. I think it was earlier this year, if my memory serves me right, when my sister came home raving about their famous yin and yang champorado (half dark chocolate, half white chocolate). Right then and there I knew I had to visit this place. We had a heavy breakfast that day so we decided to lunch there at 2 in the afternoon.

Fans of pastel and line art will definitely love the interior of the restaurant. One wall features line art of birds and flowers against a blue background while mirrors are hung on the wall across it (sayang, I didn’t ask who the artist was). The place is pretty small, but the loft accommodates more customers.

The menu is printed on newsprint. I initially settled on ordering their new offering that has salmon in it, but then I remembered my true quest that day–bacon. I ordered the Bacon & Egg Nest, my sister the Tenderloin Tapa, brother # 2 the Full English, and brother #3 the Adobo Sunrise, plus orders of Bacon Twists, Yin and Yang Champorado, and these chunks of potatoes that came in a glass (in case you’re wondering, brother #1 is outside Manila with my mom and my aunt for a town fiesta).

We had to wait for more than 20 minutes for our order because, as the menu states, “[they] consider [their] food as an art and masterpiece.” And masterpieces they were.

bacon and egg

#nofilter, yo.


My plate was an Instagram addict’s paradise. Boy, were they serious when they said they treated food as art. They don’t just make sure it tastes good, they have to make it look good too. I didn’t bother taking photos of my siblings’ plates as I was busy taking in the sight of beautiful breakfast before me. I took a few photos, and readied myself to dig in.

So what’s in a Bacon & Egg Nest?

A generous layer of cheese blankets a soft baked egg that sits on a cup-shaped bread, all embraced by a lovely strip of bacon. The ensemble sits on a bed of vegetables. Dots of pesto and a circle of homemade ketchup (we think it’s homemade ketchup) surround the nest. Hemingway might frown upon the way this is written, but to hell with that. The Bacon & Egg Nest felt that way, and I don’t know any other way to go about it.

I felt pretty guilty as my knife cut through the side of the nest and forked that piece because I pretty much destroyed the whole thing, but the guilt faded away as I put that forkful of the nest in my mouth. It was wonderful–two of my favorite food in harmony. The proceeding bites came in quickly, and soon I was stuffing myself with bacon, egg, bread, and salad. I’m not a huge fan of vegetables, but with the Bacon & Egg Nest, I did not flinch as I ate the salad because there was pesto and ketchup with which to dip the vegetables. And the cheese, oh, the cheese. Man, oh man, the cheese.

In between bites, I had potatoes and Bacon Twists, which I dipped in honey that came in an empty shell. The Bacon Twists are amazing, man. They’re the right mix of salty and smoky and sweet (when dipped in honey, of course). Without honey, they’re just as good.

For my beverage, I ordered a butterbeer (the Harry Potter fan in me was doing cartwheels upon seeing it in the menu), but to my disappointment, it’s just cream soda topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows. It wasn’t that bad–it was okay, I suppose; I just let my expectations soar too high. Besides, I’ve never had the butterbeer served in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter–heck, I’ve never even been inside the Wizarding World.

For dessert, I dug in to the Yin and Yang Champorado. It looked really cute, and was served in a jar with a wooden spoon. A small serving of dilis came with the champorado, but I do not like dilis, so I gave it to my siblings.

yin and yang champorado

It’s basically heaven in a jar. While I like my champorado straight from the fridge (my lola used to feed me her champorado that way, I just got used to it), the warm combination of Belgian milk chocolate and white chocolate is amazing all the same. A quarter of the champorado was left when I remembered that I had to share it with my siblings.

We had to wrap up the potatoes and dilis to take home because we didn’t finish them. I didn’t ask for portions from my siblings’ plates because I was so engrossed in mine. My sister and brother #2 were satisfied with their meals. Brother #3 did not find the adobo flakes to his liking–he said the flakes were too chewy, and he was expecting the crunchy kind. Oh well, to each his own.

We took a few photos and left Early Bird Breakfast Club with fat stomachs and fat smiles.

The Early Bird Breakfast Club is located at Unit C, Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Bldg., The Fort Complex, 28th St., BGC, Taguig. For more details, visit their neat website,

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